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At LAURENTIEN, everything is finely orchestrated to optimize your shipping operations. Our employees develop and deploy custom solutions that enable you to reduce transportation costs and maximize your profitability.

Logistics Analysis and Operational Strategies

Our logistics team optimizes every kilometer — increasing your daily delivery capacity and reducing your overall shipping costs.

  • Continuous route management and improvement
  • Optimization of amount and type of equipment required
  • Productivity and efficiency ratios

Dynamic Loading

Our dispatch team conceives each of your shipment plans according to your orders and points of service.  Our agile approach, combined with our tailor-made modular equipment,
enables you to optimize your shipping operations.

  • Route scheduling per region
  • Personalized shipments plans
  • Document management


Committed to simplifying your operations, we provide flexible and made-to-measure operation services, from product pickup to shipment loading.

  • Pickup and transhipment
  • Storage and warehouse management
  • Order preparation
  • Shipment loading


Our experienced and certified specialists support your delivery needs, regardless of the degree
of complexity or safety requirements.

  • Delivery of temperature-controlled and high-risk products
  • Emergency plans and interventions
  • Support for special requests and unanticipated volumes

Shunter Service

With the goal of enhancing your productivity, we use advanced systems to manage the inputs, outputs and loads of your trailers to delivery docks.

  • Equipment management
  • Agile and rapid movements
  • 24/7 operations

Route Management

We use a set of effective tools to follow and share real-time status updates on your deliveries, in order to optimize communications.

  • Online order confirmation
  • Delivery tracking history
  • System of alerts by e-mail, SMS and voicemail

Returned Merchandise and Complaints Management

Our team also manages all of your returns, taking custody of returned goods and dispatching them back to the various distribution centers.

  • Authorization
  • Tracking and accounting returns
  • Return goods to supplier

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