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Increase your daily delivery capacity with our fleet of specialized vehicles that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our fleet of more than 150 vehicles includes 65 temperature-controlled trailers specifically designed to meet your requirements for temperature and safety.

Shipping Configurator

With multiple refrigeration units fitted inside our trailers, you benefit from advanced equipment with up to 5 independent temperature zones, allowing simultaneous transport of dry goods as well as room temperature, chilled, frozen and deep-frozen products.

Dynamic Loading

Each shipment is configured according to the specific temperature conditions required for each of your products, and factoring in the order of your deliveries. This can significantly reduce the number of vehicles required. In addition, our equipment allows us to reconfigure temperature- controlled zones during transport, which optimizes all operations including unloading times.

Temperature Management

Our multi-temperature trailers and straight trucks are equipped with
intelligent sensors which ensure accurate, constant and real-time temperature monitoring.

Preventative Security

Our trailers are equipped with several safety features, ensuring optimum protection against theft, vandalism and contamination. These leading-edge features allow real-time monitoring of the position and progress of road vehicles and goods.

Specialized Lift-Gate Equipment

For shipping to and from points without a loading dock, we have trailers equipped with hydraulic tailgate, electric pallet trucks, and Moffett forklifts ‒ to simplify loading and unloading.


Our specialized shunting equipment enables us to speed up trailer movement to delivery docks, and we do so 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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